What is a Host Home?       What does Roots do?



Host HomeA host home is a person who undergoes various types of trainings and certifications to be prepared to provide a variety of supports to a person with developmental disabilities in their home.  Basically a host home provider (HHP) has a disabled individual in Roots services come live with them and helps make sure they take their meds, helps gets them to doctor appointments, helps with dressing/bathing if needed, provides behavioral supports and guidance, and teaches independence skills based on the individual’s needs and abilities.  In the vernacular, a HHP is almost like adult foster care for developmentally disabled adults.

Developmental Disability (DD):  Some commonly known examples of a developmental disability are autism, Down’s syndrome, or traumatic brain injury (TBI).  In order to qualify for the HCBS-DD wavier the person must be diagnosed with or have a disability causing event before the age of 21, e.g. they are born with autism or Down’s, or had a brain injury as a child.  However, Roots services and waivers are for people 21 years and older.  The state and federal funding is different for a disabled minor.  Fun fact!  Developmentally Disabled people are amazing and varied!  Some people are able to live independently and need only minimal supports from family and friends, other people may need help remembering to take medications, recognizing medications, protection from being monetarily exploited, help dressing, assistance with eating/cooking/cleaning…every person is unique and needs unique supports from their HHP.  This is why Roots works so hard to match the right HHP with the right person in services!

Case Manager:  A person with a developmental disability is not automatically qualified to receive supports through agencies like Roots. A Case Manager, or CM, is the person that helps you apply for and get on the different waiviers.  They will then be able to explain the different services that you can access on your waiver, once approved, and can give you a list of the different agencies nearby that provide different services.  If you get day program services at one agency, but have a host home through Roots, the Case Manager will also facillitate communication between the agencies, provide support during meetings, and becomes the individual’s advocate

HCBS-DD Waivier:  There are different types of monetary support available through the state and federal governments.  Various requirements must be met to receive the different levels of support through the government, and there are often very long waiting lists to be placed on these waivers, which then allows a person to access the supports different agencies provide.  Roots services are paid for through the HCBS-DD waiver, which is also known as the “Comprehensive Waiver”.  This means that Medicare and Medicaid reimburse the agency and HHP for all of the supports, sometimes extremely intensive, that are provided.  Other waivers are more limited, such as the SLS waiver, and the person must pick and choose a limited amount of services from a list of options.  For example:  A DD waiver person can access residential services (HHP) that covers EVERYTHING in the home (meds, clothes, shopping, etc.), day program access, behavior support, money management, and on and on.  If a person is on SLS they will have a cap and must choose if they want money management OR medication management help.

Service Provider:  Various agencies provide different services to developmentally disabled people.  There are day programs and paid work programs to attend during the day to learn social skills and possibly earn money.  Some agencies have access to in-house behavior specialists or counselors.  A few agencies might have a group home for living options, where as other agencies focus on more individualized host homes for residential options.  These agencies are collectively known as “Service Providers” and a person on the DD waiver can choose to have all their services from one specific agency, or pick and choose from different agencies based on what each agency offers.  Each agency has different options, approaches, staff personalities, training style, etc!

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What is Roots role in all of this?  We are a Host Home Service Provider.  What this means is that Roots is only a Residential Service Provider, and our only service at this time is Host Home.  The agency is in charge of recruiting and screening potential HHPs and connecting and supporting them with individuals on the DD waiver.  We then ensure the HHPs undergo a series of trainings and certifications to be able to ethically and compassionately provide services and supports such as medication, crisis, first aid, CPR, and behavior support to the person in their home.  Roots also ensures that the HHP undergoes annual re-certifications to ensure all training is up-to-date!  Roots works to match the right individual with the best host home based on both their lifestyles, preferences, and support needs.  If a host home provider is unable to continue providing services for whatever reason, such as a family emergency, Roots will assist with finding short term or long term respite!  Roots maintains “Respite Providers” who are fully trained HHPs that are willing to help out and cover if an HHP would like to go on vacation!  Roots staff also maintain constant contact with the HHPs, person in services, and their guardian if applicable.  Roots staff complete in-home quarterly visits to review and ensure all supports are person-centered, ethical, and encouraging independence.  The Roots nursing staff also complete quarterly in-home visits to address any medical concerns and maintain a regular baseline for medical concerns like pulse, blood pressure, weight, etc. which can be invaluable during a medical event!  Roots staff have decades of experience and can help explain some of the governmental/waiver restrictions and rules, as well as provide support during difficult times.  Also, there’s a lot of paperwork involved in the DD Waiver; we have to do various assessments and provide reports to the waiver to describe what services are needed and how those needs are being met.

Holy Tubesocks, Batman! This is all really confusing!

We know!  That’s why Roots and Case Managers exist!  Also, adults that aren’t able to make informed decisions for themselves might have a guardian to legally help them make those decisions.  At Roots we will always do our best to help explain everything.  Please, just ask if you want clarification or education on anything!

I’m REALLY interested in being a Host Home Provider!  This website and it’s glorious rainbows have totally convinced me!

Please, email Michelle Sharman at msharman@rootsllc.org to get more information about being a first time host home provider!  We want to make sure that you have as much education as possible about what being a Host Home Provider entails!  We are always willing to answer any specific questions you may have as well.

I’m the guardian for a developmentally disabled adult that is on the DD waiver and I REALLY want them to have a Host Home through Roots!

Great!  Contact your Case Manager (in Mesa County that is usually an MDS/Mesa Developmental Services case manager) and tell them you wish to change residential services providers.  Also, feel free to contact Michelle Sharman at msharman@rootsllc.org to get this process going, as an existing HHP will need to be evaluated and certified to be a Roots HHP, or a fitting HHP will need to be found to match your person’s needs.  But always start with the Case Manager!  They will be in charge of all the paperwork and official agency changing.


Why Choose Roots?

Not only do Roots staff have decades of experience working with developmentally disabled people, we are compassionate and person-centered to our core!

We make sure that we help support people to meet their dreams; be it to get a job in the community, own a pet, have a Facebook page, visit their friends, or what time of day they want to take a bath. We want to help people learn to advocate for themselves and have success in all aspects of their lives.  Roots wants DD individuals to be in charge of their services and be able to make informed choices instead of passive participants who’s lives are run by the support team.

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Roots Community

Roots everything talked about here and more!  We are also building a community of host homes that support each other, individuals that mentor each other, staff that make lasting and deep connections with the people they care for, and connecting those roots to an agency system designed to support EVERYONE.

We want to take your special skills and talents and add them to our rainbow crew!